Frequently asked questions for players

Why is PariMatch Casino not working?

If the PariMatch website does not start in your browser, it is blocked by the provider. This problem is often encountered by players from Russia and the CIS. You can fix the situation and get into the casino by installing a VPN application that will allow you to change your IP address or switch to a mirror that. exist


Why can’t I log into PariMatch Casino?

Authorization on the site is obtained by entering the login and password specified by the user during registration. Therefore, problems with the entrance may arise due to incorrectly entered data or due to blocking of the game account. In the first case, you can independently restore access to your account by clicking on the tab. In the second case only contacting support will help.

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Why is PariMatch Casino blocked?

Russian operators operate legal blocks. To avoid being locked in a PariMatch casino, a mirror is created that has all the functionality of the main site.

Why not open PariMatch’s main website?

As mentioned above, most of the time, casino sites do not open because they are blocked by the operator. In addition, this problem can occur for other reasons. However, in almost all cases, you can go to the casino through a working mirror.

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How is the current PariMatch Casino com mirror?

The working mirror of the proposed site changes almost daily. This is caused by frequent blocking from ISPs. Unfortunately, there is no automatic transition to accessible websites in PariMatch. However, finding the actual mirror is quite simple, for this you just enter the relevant search term in the browser and follow the link found.


Is it true to win at PariMatch?

The presented site is the official bookmaker office and also has a license to carry out gambling-related activities. So anyone here can safely bet on sports and play video slots for real money. At the same time, you can be assured of the honest operation of the slot machines and the fast payouts.

Earned PariMatch winnings?

Winnings here are paid out fairly and without delays, as evidenced by numerous reviews and opinions from casual and professional players. If you are afraid to check the credibility of cash payments, you can play any game you like in demo mode. Moreover, for free games, users do not need to register.

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How to withdraw money from PariMatch Casino?

Cash payments from in-game balance are made only for verified players, that is, those who have verified their passport data. Withdrawals in PariMatch are possible using cards, electronic money, mobile phones and cash. You can choose a withdrawal method when applying for a reward currency with a large commission size and average processing time.