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Roulette is a game of chance with a spinning reel whose cells are numbered. The word roulette itself has its roots in the Latin rota, which means wheel. In fact, any game involving the presence of a moving wheel can be considered roulette. The basis of the roulette is a ball spinning in a circle. When the ball falls, it points to the winning number. The loss of one or another number is random and unpredictable. Choose and play different types of roulette casino online without registering at the casino, absolutely free!

Everyone knows that roulette is an exciting and interesting game. That is why many users tend to try their hand at choosing similar slot machines. Not without reason, in ancient times, roulette was called the queen of gambling. Many beliefs were associated with this wonderful entertainment, including mystical ones. The main charm of the game is that the outcome of each session is unpredictable. It is impossible to predict where the ball will stop running along the black and red wheel. Modern roulettes, operating on the basis of a random number generator, vividly recreate the atmosphere of a real game process, which only Her Majesty Lady Luck commands.


How to play roulette?

The user should be aware that there are both online roulette for real money and demo versions of popular entertainment – this allows you to activate the machine for free.

Before spinning the roulette wheel, players place their bets. Once your bets are placed, you will be able to see the top 10 possible payouts based on the numbers you have selected.

During the game, the results column displays the history of recently won numbers. In addition, information is available on “hot” and “cold” numbers (that is, numbers that fell out more often and less often, respectively), as well as the ratio of red and black, even and odd.

These results cannot be used to predict the outcome of the next spin. This is simply information that may or may not affect your subsequent bids.

You can also play roulette and blackjack on Android and iOS devices using the online roulette app. And if you are ready to risk real money or play bitcoin roulette online, you just need to choose the right model and go to Parimatch.

Roulette betting options

Using inside bets on numbers from 1 to 36, or on zero, players can get the maximum winnings. In gaming halls, limits on the minimum amount for internal and external bets are stipulated.

In this catalog, you can play roulette with different options for outside bets:

  • on 2 numbers by placing a chip between the numbers;
  • red / black, setting the fee for one of the colors;
  • over/under by placing a bet on half the numbers;
  • on 3 numbers, betting on three adjacent numbers;
  • at the corner (cross), setting the chip at the intersection of four numbers.
  • per line by betting on 6 numbers in two rows;
  • on the column, setting it on one of the three squares marked as “2 to 1”;
  • by a dozen, betting on any 3 squares on the outer playing field.

Various options

Roulette rules have gradually changed over time. Players from different countries began to actively invent their own variations of the game. Small nuances pleasantly diversified the process, but the basic rules have always been preserved. As a result, several classic versions have appeared that are used in casinos today. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, but in general there are similarities. Some versions make it possible to win more often, due to additional sectors. Others have more serious rules, which are compensated by big wins. The most unusual kind of game is roulette with two balls. An additional game element expands the scope for new strategic decisions. Non-standard types of roulette casino online warm up the excitement much more because they offer more winning combinations. Today, there are 3 main types of roulette.



The wheel consists of 38 sectors. An additional cell with two zeros has been added to the game, which is called a “double zero”. There is no possibility to make verbal bets in the game, since there is no special track on the playing field. American roulette is the most variable version, which makes it possible to make more flexible bets due to an additional sector on the game wheel.



A standard wheel is used, consisting of the usual 37 cells. English is used to designate sectors and actions. The main feature is the absence of conditions for locking bets. In this case, users get an increased probability of winning.


The wheel includes 37 positions, including zero. This version does not exclude the possibility of setting additional conditions for the zero sector. Positions En Prison freezes bets. Equal chances are set on them, which are valid until the next rotation of the ball. The La Partage option returns the player half of the amount of the original bet to zero.

Other interesting roulette options

In addition to the classic versions, it is worth noting popular roulettes with unusual rules.

Immersive version. The roulette simulator provides a complete immersion in the game. This option stands out from the rest due to its atmospheric. There is an opportunity to use a multi-camera view. It creates the feeling of playing at a real table, allowing you to follow the action of the ball with the help of slow repetition.

Roulette with extra ball. The idea of ​​introducing an additional game element belongs to Evolution Gaming. After spinning the wheel, the croupier releases two balls at the same time. If they end up in the same sector, then the winning amount is multiplied. The rest of the rules have been kept. Internal types of bets are the most relevant for this version, since the probability of getting the desired sector is doubled.

Version without sector “0”. The conditions are completely copied from European roulette. The sectors are arranged in the classical order. Zero cell is missing. The color sequence is also standard. Since there is no zero on the wheel, the chances of getting other numbers are slightly increased.

Mini roulette. The version is based on the rules of European roulette. However, there are only 13 sectors on the wheel (from 0 to 12). It is allowed to bet on a certain number, choose a color, even or odd position. Ideal for users who like to play fast or want to warm up before sitting down to the classic roulette table.

It is worth noting that all of the above variations can be played online roulette free at Parimatch casino.


Roulette strategy: is it possible to cheat?

Finding a win-win strategy is like trying to find the Philosopher’s Stone – a waste of time. The problem for players is the default casino advantage. Due to the unpaid field, in any case, 1/37 of the average bet is lost. The base house edge for European roulette with one zero is 2.7%, for American – 5.26%.

In roulette, the law of large numbers works flawlessly. Actual and theoretical loss rates converge with an increase in the number of bets. The longer the game goes on, the more likely the casino will get its advantage. At the beginning, small deviations from the system are allowed, but with each new rotation, the operator increases his profit. In practice, due to the annoying mistakes of the players, the institution receives even more than mathematics predicts.

Any play online roulette gives more unpredictable results than a stationary version in a casino. There are no external factors that could affect the result of the rotation of the ball. Unlike blackjack or poker, in a virtual game of roulette absolutely nothing depends on the skill or experience of the player. Winnings here can be received, only hoping for good luck.

All sorts of schemes and betting strategies with certain amounts or order of contributions are only self-deception. No one can predict the results of the roulette with a high probability in order to get the right number options all the time. If it were possible, the casinos would have gone bankrupt long ago. It is possible to beat an online casino in roulette, but only by manipulating the software, which is seriously punished and prosecuted by law.

Just because roulette can’t be beat doesn’t mean it can’t be won. By choosing the right tactics and studying the rules in detail, the user can hope for a good jackpot. When making a profit, it is important to stop in time so as not to return the money to the casino.


What is live roulette?

Live dealer games have become more and more popular in recent years due to the rapid development of online casinos. As we said, they combine the best of both worlds – in this case, the thrill of playing in a real casino with all the benefits and the site of the casino itself. suggestions. Instead of playing online roulette in which you will encounter a Random Number Generator, which, you will agree, takes the thrill of playing a casino game, live roulette online stream a roulette game directly from the table to your home.

Live streaming adds a nice touch to the game and makes players feel like they are in a land-based casino, playing against the dealer instead of the computer. The “live” concept has been developed for all major casino games, and “live” roulette was the first to test the “live” version.

Live Roulette is the first online casino game to enjoy playing live. It offers all casino gambling, including the possibility of big wins. In addition, the popularity of live roulette has pushed developers to create more than a few variants, so in addition to the European, French or American version, players are waiting for much more complex versions of roulette that make gambling even more attractive.

online roulette review


Online casino Parimatch attracts the audience with tempting rewards for registration, depositing money into the account and active play on the site. The operator allows wagering bonus roulette online accruals in table games (European, French or American Roulette), which is beneficial due to the presence of bets on equal chances: black or red, even or odd, over or under. By making such bets, the player minimizes the risk of losing, but can quickly fulfill the conditions for the wager. The rewards differ depending on the action that the gambler needs to perform in order to receive a promotion.

When playing roulette, it is very important to look at the odds, which will give you a clear idea of ​​your chances of winning. There is a slight difference in odds between the American and European versions, but in general the odds of winning at roulette are slightly below 50%.

How to make sure that your gaming strategy brings you money? It is not at all difficult to be a winner at roulette. The secret of players’ success is due to a lot of practice – by gambling many rounds you will get enough experience to understand how it works. See for yourself!