How to play to win in slot games

You can’t just sit back and win in real huge wins in Thailand slots games. More precisely, it is possible. But this will require Fortune’s dazzling smile. If you want to win systematically (regularly), you need a strategy. Remember that slots are games with negative mathematical expectations. And strategy alone is not enough to win. Let’s take a look at how to win at slots.

Let’s say the casino only has a 5%, 3%, or even 2% advantage, but it’s still not profitable for remote players. in other words You will lose if you play long enough (months, years). Conversely, in short distances – days/weeks – you can be on a good “positive” side, especially if you manage to get two big wins. time But if you play continuously You can’t do without a special strategy. In terms of negative mathematical expectations It’s a good idea to use a few nuances that offer at least some benefit.

lyrical digression

Please note the following what are you playing for Ask yourself this question. If trying to make money is one thing And if for happiness is another matter. In the second case, no special strategy is needed to win slots.

If the player realizes that he is paying for entertainment This is a normal situation. It’s like buying tickets to a zoo or an attraction. But often players want not only to have fun, but also to increase their capital. And this is where strategy becomes relevant again.

First, answer yourself why I’m playing and draw the necessary conclusions.

Slot Strategy

The main task of the algorithm below is to save as much as possible, i.e. save money and still have a lot of earning opportunities. The main problem with gamblers is that they do not play systematically and do not follow any rules. But with the help of a little “code” you can save the gist of your bankroll. and may generate income in the future


The first thing to do is figure out what kind of bank you want. A bankroll is a specific amount of money used for playing. No need to spend money to buy food, pay bills or whatever. It is a financing with one purpose: to act as a wallet to fund your casino account and receive payments. Of course, sometimes some funds can be withdrawn from the bank. But only if the amount is exceeded. For example, the minimum bankroll is 2000$, but now it’s $2,200. In this case, you can withdraw $200 without difficulty.

How to set the bank amount?

It all depends on your job and what you are going to play. Often players “spin” the slots in this situation. It all depends on the rate. If you play with small bets – one bankroll At medium and large bets – they are already different. Imagine you are a normal gambler and don’t add more than $5 per spin.

It is recommended to place at least 1000 bets in your bankroll. It is, of course, even more desirable – a real 2000+ bankroll must withstand severe shocks. Therefore, greater security is always required.

So if you’re playing with $1, save in the $2,000-3000 area. This is the minimum. In principle the bankroll should be larger (unlimited), but for more serious games, why so much? Because in slots it is very easy to lose everything. You yourself have seen this more than once. It seems like a good slot, but it “eats and eats” like a powerful vacuum cleaner! Unfortunately this happened and that’s okay. And in order to withstand such black bars (withdrawals), the reserve funds must be significant.

For example, with 1000 bets you can easily lose 100 or 200 in a row! Nothing will happen to you, such a “leak” will be seen as a temporary loss and nothing more.

But the most important rule of bankroll management: Play with the money you can afford to lose. This means playing for a salary. (Which also has to spend on food, apartments, clothes, etc.) is not only foolish. But it’s also dangerous. You just need bankroll to play. If he loses, the player loses the ability to roll into the slot (temporarily). He can still pay his bills and support himself and his family. And as soon as free funds appear They will set up the bank again.


Let’s say you have decided on the amount of money needed for the game. Then you have to select the channel yourself. You must select the following slots.

First of all, the rate of return is high – 96-97% on average. Second, there is a high variance. This means that there is a possibility to earn a large amount in a single spin – for example bet 500x.

Thailand slots games with over 96% return, this is a good bar. below which you can go down but with caution If we talk about how to win in low-yield slots. You also need to take into account the popularity of online casinos. After all The size of the pool also depends on the number of bets the player makes.


Most slot machines have high variance (volatility) and this is a good thing. To win a lot, you have to take risks. But you have to do it smart. On the other hand, no one opposes games on low variance machines. You can win a few hundred bets. And this is absolutely normal. Only in this case it is not necessary to build a castle in the air. Low returns mean low returns. but vice versa in this situation You can drastically reduce your bankroll requirements, for example 600-700 bets. Most people still prefer slots with high variance. They are more fun to play and you can win a lot.

Want to play smart?

Always familiarize yourself with the principles of slot machines. First of all, how does the bonus program open? What are scatters and wilds, and what do they give? The better you understand what’s going on on-screen, the better. The more useful it is for you. For example, you have a new slot right in front of you. you are playing for the first time

A normal player will immediately start rolling his favorite bets. by subdividing along the way First, you read the rules and see that there are different types of bonuses. Let’s say one of them might be more profitable than the other. And if the first player catches a less profitable bonus and says that the slots are ridiculous. You’ll be smarter and wait for a really good opportunity. to add money to your bank

The second thing is extremely important: read the rules of the game, they will open by clicking on the question mark. Every difference is detailed there, for example, scatters can appear both in bonuses and in the base game, and they are specified, all bonus features are also described there. and most importantly The Player’s Theoretical Income (RTP) is indicated. Only in the rules you can trust the contraction value 100% because this is the manufacturer’s information. However, on many sites this is inaccurate.

Casino Cheats: Possible

If you decide to find out about how to cheat at online casino slots. You will find yourself depressed. After all, this is unrealistic. The software is the most secure. (Even the banking sector is jealous), so it’s impossible to find a loophole. Don’t be fooled by selling tricks and other nonsense. All this is a lie Spend the rest of your time and money with nothing left. But you can increase your chances of catching a “skid” in an online casino by following the rules described above.