PariMatch Slot game history

The history of slot games has evolved over the past 120 years. The first three slot machines have jackpots of up to 50 cents. Players play a huge role in making slots today and in the future. Modern slot machines are computer devices that use various technological inventions. The only limitation in game design seems to be the imagination of the designers. However, slots were invented before computers. and the first slot is mechanical as well as machines

Early game

In 1891 in New York Sittman and Pitt invented the slot machine. which was later recognized as the pioneer of modern slot machines This slot machine simulates a poker game, cards are placed on 5 reels after the reels start and stop. Forming or not forming a poker deck This machine has become popular among gamblers all over the world. But especially in this machine’s hometown of New York. Back then it was hard to find a bar in a city that didn’t have one. However, these slot machines had one drawback. They do not have a direct payment mechanism. Therefore, the owner of the establishment distributes cash. Beer or cigars for collectible combinations It is difficult to win on such a machine. And after the owner’s modification of these machines, i.e. removing several large cards from the deck, such as Ace, King and Queen, the chances are further reduced.

Charles Fey – First in Slots

In 1895, a German immigrant named Charles August Fey built the world’s first slot machine. which has taken the name of all models that “Armed Bandit” Ch. Fey manages to solve the issue of automatic payment for all possible winning combinations. He replaced playing cards with wheels with symbols of “hearts”, “boubi”, “spades”, horseshoes and the bell of freedom. It also reduces the number of reels from 5 to 3. This simplifies the determination of winning combinations if the bell falls 3 times in a row. You will receive a maximum prize money of 50 cents. The machine name is “Liberty Bell” with attractive symbols on the reels of the slot machine. The machine was a huge success and caused a boom in mechanical gaming devices. Later, the “Liberty Bell” submachine gun was upgraded to “4-11-44”.


bar special bar symbol Representing the original logo of this company, Fruit Machine pays for fruit gum instead of alcohol and cigarettes. First, the fruit gum as a reward is not for advertising purposes only. But it’s also a way to bypass anti-gambling laws. Passed in several states which stated that machines could not pay out winnings. At that time, all slot machines were considered vending machines. not gambling device Now even children and women play slots related to devil devices, so in 1920 the Senate passed a resolution banning the sale of alcohol. Because he had a huge impact on the gambling industry. As most slot machines are installed in bars and lounges, however, the closure of these institutions does not affect the spread and growth of slots.

Electromechanical slot

1919-1930 in the history of slot machines is known as The “Golden Age of Slots” during which slot machines were widely spread throughout the United States. Despite multiple bans and sanctions against slots they survived has been changed and improved The first electric slot machine was developed in 1964 and was named “Money Honey” due to an entirely new electromechanical technique. The machines did not immediately give out the prize money. But pay only when you need it or when it reaches $500 with the advent of electronic packaging. This car no longer needs a trigger. But it was kept as a decoration and possibly a tribute to its predecessor.

PariMatch Video slots

1996 brought with it the creation of the first video slot with a spin bonus game. This bonus is referred to as “Reel’Em B” by the well-known American gaming and entertainment company WMS Industries, Inc.

Online casino PariMatch

The first online game to offer online casino gaming was launched in 1995. Today every gambling fan is lucky to play a wide range of slot machines in online casinos. Microgaming was the first company to start developing casino software. online The first online casino club was launched in 1995, the next club opened in 1996. Since then. The online gaming industry has developed rapidly. The number of software companies and the number of online casinos has increased every year and continues to grow and develop to this day.

The law always forbids

Until the state of Nevada legalized casino gambling in 1931, paying slot machines were illegal in the United States. This does not mean that such machines do not exist. You can draw a line with today.

back in history Some machines are used as commercial triggers. Trade stimulus slots pay out in goods, not money. Prizes include golf balls, cigars, chewing gum. The gum company’s trademark logo is a black square “stick”. Which inspired the “bars” symbol that you still see in modern channels.

Climbing Balli

Another Chicago company was founded in 1932 as Lion Manufacturing.
One of his early successes was the pinball game known as BallyHoo, and the company was renamed Bally Manufacturing the following year. They switched to Bally Technologies, moving their office to Las Vegas. and now part of Scientific Games. Years after gambling is legal in Nevada, Bally positions herself as the one who will challenge Mills to become a leader in slot machines. Their first real slot is a variety of trading incentives. Bally Baby is a mini slot game that offers reward cards in exchange for chewing gum.

First innovation

Bally is the initiator. It has been a leader in slots for decades. Among Bally’s innovations are:

  • Bally Bell, the first slot machine to accept more than one coin. with one for five cents and one for 25 cents.
  • The popular Hi Boy is a vertical slot in the early 1940s that established Bally as the main slot machine operator. In the 1960s, Bally made over 80% of casino slot machines.
  • Electromechanical was introduced in the 1960s which added electronic components to mechanical work.
  • A coin holder is introduced along with an electromechanical slot on the Money Honey machine. The coin buffers are distributed among the payouts. This makes it possible to pay large amounts of money by the machine without stopping the game. This is an important step in increasing the popularity of slots.